28 August 2013

Bleach: Chapter 507

The old fart's bankai work in reversed way it seems. All the flames were gone and stored inside his charred zanpaktou so whatever touches it gonna burn like a motherfucker on a stick. I mean, marshmallow.But that's not the only thing though. The zanpaktou seeps all the moisture from everything that is around it. Hmm, not bad for a bankai...

I wonder when the heck will Juhabaha steal the old fart's bankai. Ain't everyone else bankai have been stolen the moment they used them? Isn't that the purpose of this whole brouhaha, besides destroying soul society and shinigami?

Juhabaha tried to calculate the logic behind the old fart bankai. He shouldn't bother though because the old fart willingly explained everything to him. He even revealed the west side of the bankai. Someone is gonna shit charcoal.

But meh, I'm sure Juhabaha expected as much. I can't wait to see how is he gonna negate all these shit about the old fart being the sun.

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The old fart's bankai is nasty. JUST GET TO 515 IT WILL TAKE LIKE 3 MINUTES!!!

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