03 May 2012

Tsuritama: Episode 3

Eno-shima bowl!

Apparently that's the key technique for a good casting. Then there's feathering. Those with fishing hobbies, do take note because I won't bother to explain what it is here. I guess you just have to see the show for yourself.

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The free fishing lesson continues in this episode. Natsuki is serious as ever when it comes to fishing so Yuki and Haru don't have much of a choice but to train until they can't train anymore. But Natsuki is training Yuki more than just fishing though. He encourages Yuki to talk as he orders him to count the beat when casting the rod out loud. I lol'd when this is seemingly harder for Yuki than casting out the lure into the bucket.

LMAO I can't blame Yuki for feeling embarrass though credit has to be given to Yuki for not giving up. For this episode, I want to take a closer look into the four male protagonists. They are after all the backbone and the success factor of this show.

So far we only get to see Natsuki's life close up: he preparing dinner for his family and offered offering for his dead mother as well. From this instances we know that he is a responsible family guy who is great at fishing. To be honest I expected more. If this is all there is to Natsuki, then he is pretty one-dimensional character.

Yuki on the other hand... I just can't figure him out just yet. He looks like the kind of guy that don't give a damn about the shit that goes around him but at the same time he does. It's kind of complicated and I look forward to see his true self gets unravel as the episodes progress. Speaking of Yuki, his grandmother is admitted to a hospital. Apparently that is something of a norm for Yuki said he is used to it and acts nonchalantly but we all know that he's worried about her.

In the mean time, Turbanduck-san - I mean Akira - is revealed as a spy who spied on JF1 (Haru) and JF2 (his sister). He said that they both impersonating humans so I wonder what is Haru's true form is. I know it must have something to do with fish, but what kind? Dolphin? Because I hate dolphin.

I'm just sayin'
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Akira is in some kind of a secret underground agency called "Duck" (err.. duh) that monitor Haru's species for some reason. He is another character that shrouded in mystery and he keeps intriguing us (oh well - only me then) with his antics. Akira is obviously not please with his leaders, who one of them looks like a homo-pothead.

Last but not least, the self-proclaim alien Haru and his sister. Since he is supposedly a fish, water is his best weapon and the place he feels comfortable to the most. He also uses water to communicate with Koko who advices him to leave Yuki and find someone else to help them. I must say, I wish I have that kind of power. It would be way convenient than a cellphone/handphone/smartphone. Haru is most probably my least favorite of the four. He's just too annoying for me. His voice alone just gets on my nerves. However, plus point for him for not leaving Yuki as his sister suggested.

At the end of the episode, as expected, Yuki managed to cast the lure straight into the bucket and it was witness by everyone including Tapioca. Mission accomplished and it seems like Natsuki is happier about it than Yuki. Go figure.

if that is not the face of determination, I dunno what is


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