15 November 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 6

The old troll is not present in the Velvet Room in this episode and I thought Margaret was referring to Ichijo and Ebihara as the Moon and Strength in the last episode. She referred them as his Arcana, whatever that is. Yep, after 5 episode, I am still unfamiliar with the jargon. Someone explain it to me please. Or maybe I should just ask afkeroge.

can I ship these two already?

Yuu, Yousuke, Yukiko and Chie all came together to discuss about the murders that were happening. They were definitely trying hard to solve the puzzle using what little clues they had:

  • Yukiko remembered answering the door but can't recall who was calling her
  • Midnight Channel that warns them of the next victim
  • All victims have a connection with Ms Amano (the first victim)

It was not a coincident that the Midnight Channel showed the new character for this episode: Kanji Tatsumi, a delinquent first year student who is so famous, he gets on the news for terrorizing the town lol. In my opinion, he was just misunderstood. No bad guys go around carrying a cute and cuddly bunny keychain, or do they? But gay guys do lol

he's so gay, when he farts, flower came out of his ass

So they followed Kanji around, even stalking his textile shop to see if there was any development. In the end, they were all caught and had to run for their lives. They were not the people (besides the police) who were interested with Kanji though. Shirogane Naoto approached Kanji head on, which Kanji totally misinterpreted his interest. Naoto looks like he is from a different school. I wonder what his role in this show is. Hopefully he will be another good addition for the show that in my opinion is already full of star studded characters, instead of just Kanji's gay interest.

On a different note, Yuu's uncle had to cancel his leave for Golden Week so Yuu was stuck taking care of Nanako. Chie came by later on to ask Yuu out but since no one was to look after Nanako, they brought her along as well to meet up with Yukiko and Yousuke. As expected everyone falls for her charm. I certainly am not.

Also, it seems like Yukiko sort of has hots for Yuu. Unfortunately for her, Yuu is kind of dense when it comes to this sort of things, just look at last episode for prove. But oh boy we sure do get a lot of blushing going on in this episode, don't we? XD

not very convincing, are you?

This week episode was definitely full of comedic relief from Kanji blushing to Aiya delivering meals while they were on the run. I was definitely laughing my ass off as Yukiko gave Chie small changed for the beef noodles lol. Yep, despite the lack of logic, I was thoroughly entertained so no complain whatsoever from yours truly. It kinda reminds me of Gintama and anything that reminds me of Gintama is made of win.


I can't wait for next episode where the shadows of Kanji is revealed. Looking at the Midnight Channel, I am pretty sure Yuu, Yousuke, Chie and Yukiko will have so much fun lmao. Watching Yuu's deadpan reaction to it was enough. I can't stop grinning like a fool XD

And so I have to end this episodic review with a fanart of Yuu. I just have to!

(c) pixiv id 2732258

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I've played the game and yet I still couldn't tell you what the Arcana mean as such. But from what I remember the main point is this: you know that Yuu can get many Personas, right? Well, the Personas that he gets are partly determined by the bonds he makes with other people. So, if he becomes really good friends with Ebihara, for example, then there are certain Personas (Moon Personas, or whatever) that become available to him. In other words, the more connected he is to his friends the stronger he gets.

The charm of Nanako is in how she cooks and takes care of the house and is quiet and polite at such a young age. I think this is highly priced in Japanese society.

Ah, I thought the Moon and Strength were of Ebihara and Ichijo Personas respectively. Thanks, that clears that up. Sort of. In other words, arcana is the bond he has with his friends. Got it. I think. lol

For some reason, I have problem with nice polite girls, even in real life. I found them obnoxious and that's how I feel towards Nanako ^__^"

I think you're right, I think Moon and Strength would be Ebihara's and Ichijo's Personas too (if they ever end up in the Midnight Channel). So what does Yuu does is feed off other people's (potential) Personas and then manipulate his own.

I'm so confused I don't even know. But I don't think it's very important..don't worry.

if a player of a game is this confused, there is no hope for me lol

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