12 November 2011

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 5

Chie took charge of Yuu's club activity and suggested him to join the basketball team. Their classmate, Ichijo Kou, is the captain of said club and welcomed Yuu with open arms. Yuu couldn't say no to Kou seeing that his other members don't take the team seriously. Yuu also met the team's manager, Ebihara Ai, who at the beginning of the episode sorta force herself onto Yuu. She better not kiss him!

Ebihara Ai is definitely not a good influence on anyone. She sorta forced Yuu to ditch class to help her out buying some "stuffs" for the team. The truth was, she just want someone to carry her bags while she shops. I am surprised that Yuu just did as she says. I wished he just tell her to fuck off and not be her doormat like that. Please don't tell me that he likes her!

(c) Kazuaki

Thank goodness she just sending the wrong signal. Apparently she likes Ichijo. Well, I can't blame her. I too think Ichijo is mighty fine, whats with his skills with the ball, if you know what I mean. Good news is (well, bad news for Ebihara), Ichijo likes Chie. Before Yuu knows what happened, he is once again forced into a situation. This time he has to be the cupid for Ebihara and Ichijo, both need help in the love department.

Once Ebihara knew the truth, she was so heartbroken she wanted to kill herself. Yuu should just let her do what she wanted but being the hero that he is, he stopped her from jumping off the school building. It was because of this kindness that he is now in a bind when out of the blue Ebihara asked him to go steady with her. She even stole his first kiss, that damn slut! Gah Yuu, stop being a doormat and just say no to her face! Who cares if she killed herself! A person like her does not deserved to live anyway.

love rectangle?

Hooray for Yousuke who completely read the situation the wrong way but somehow is able to make things better. He suggested Chie to be the new manager of the basketball team. Obviously Ichijo is all flowery and blushing at the news. It's a coincidence that the upcoming game is going to be Ichijo's last game and he could use Chie to fire his spirits up.

The team lost the game while Chie and Ebihara had a girl fight outside the court. Since they lost, Ichijo changed his mind about quitting the team and Ebihara realized that she can never love someone else. That means Yuu has now been released from being her love slave. Thank goodness.

So this episode is focus more about the friendship/relationship of the characters than their Persona. We have two loves confessions, that of Ebihara and Ichijou, and left wondering who Chie and Yuu like. Yousuke might not be too far off with his deduction but we can only guess though I think it would be great if indeed Yuu and Chie end up together.

I think it was a nice change that we don't have any Persona coming out in this episode. If this episode was another one like the last couple of episodes, I might quit it for being too cliche for my taste. Besides, I get to meet Ichijo and Nagase and they are hawt as hell so no complains from me!

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

p/s: inside the velvet room, Margaret said something about the Moon and Strength. I have to write it down here so I won't forget.


Yu is an odd character. He is so smooth he just rides every situation like it were nothing. That's why he carries the bags for Ebihara. Any other guy would be embarrassed and hate himself afterwards for doing it, but for Yu it's absolutely OK. And it doesn't mean he likes Ebihara at all. (though I can see how a woman could misinterpret Yu's attitude here and think he has a crush on her).

Yu is the perfect Daoist, I think!

Next episode doesn't have Personas either so it'll make you happy.

Yuu is definitely not your average guy. He goes with the flow and takes everything in a stride which is why I want him all to myself lol

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