10 November 2011

Bleach: Chapter 472

And so we will leave Rukia and Rurika's fight for a minute to focus on Byakuya against Tsukishima. I'm surprise the fight is still on going considering Tsukishima "knows" everything already. But yeah, I'm even more surprise that Senbonzakura snapped. I didn't see that coming. This obviously just added another handicap for Byakuya or so Tsukishima thought.

Little did he know that Senbonzakura ain't that simple of a zanpaktou. Even in broken shape, it is still powerful as ever. I must say that I sorta soaked my pantsu when Byakuya called forth his bankai with that broken zanpaktou of his. I am so glad that I'm role playing as Byakuya. He's freaking bad ass.

Tsukishima is still acting like he's a worthy opponent of Byakuya. He is not perturbed by the bankai even when Byakuya attack him straight on. But he is too smug for his own good. I can't wait to see how he will be done for. I doubt that he has seen "everything" as he claimed he has. Even if he did, this is Byakuya we are talking about. He uses his weakness as his strength.

You see, real man doesn't care if he gets hurt a little in order to take down his opponent. Blood makes you look hotter anyway and Byakuya deceived Tsukishima and beat him at his own game. That's my man! *faps*

Tsukishima gets a hole in his chest. He better be dead in the next chapter or I'm gonna hunt Kubo down and burn him alive!

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Yeah, Tsukishima had better stay dead. The "you thought you killed me but you really didn't" way of screwing around is reserved for Aizen. We don't need another Aizen.

Speaking of Aizen, he has escaped from Soul Society prison. Yep, you heard it here first.

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