01 July 2010

Bleach: Chapter 410

Well, Tensa is definitely emo. That's not something that I expect. But then again I believe he is the product of Ulquiorra/Rukia's baby making...

Yeah look at it, Ichigo! It is fucking flooded! This is what happened when you paid too much attention to the hoe!

So Tensa was saying that the hollow power that Ichigo acquired has made his inner world sunk into the sea. He has stopped moving forward. I agree. We all have seen him relying to his hollow power too much. He keeps on changing to Vaizard mode whenever his opponents are stronger. He changed to full bodied hollow when he fought Ulquiorra for fuck sake. That is going to cost something...

Tensa's mission right now is for Ichigo to defeat his inner hollow. Glad to report that the materialization of the hollow is that from the dome, not Hichigo. I don't want Hichigo to disappear (though I know if Hichigo stays, Ichigo will not be able to obtain the Final Getsuga Tenshou).

Holy shit, I spoke too fucking soon!

Holy shit! I think I just wet my pantsu! >=D

All I am going to say right now is Ichigo better not kill Hichigo. I'm so gonna rage if he does that. Hichigo needs to stay. He's part of Ichigo anyway and thanks to him Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou in Vaizard form is something you should be afraid of. You fucking hear that Kubo?

And on cue, they switched back to the Real!Karakura Town. I didn't know Mizuro was a loner. Did any of you guys? I thought that since he's such a ladies man, he has more in common with Keigo. Apparently not. I guess everything has to revolve around Ichigo.

Things will start to get really interesting now since both Gin and Aizen have caught up to them!

Heh, my pantsu is totally soak now >=3

Aizen obviously knows who Tatsuki and Keigo are. He has been stalking Ichigo since his birth no? That's why he's going to kill them both now. He thought by doing that, Ichigo's new power (so he purposely destroyed the Kotatsu for Ichigo, how thoughtful) will come to perfection. He is right, as always. He's going to kill Tatsuki first as Keigo ran to safety as per instructed by Tatsuki.

But his plan won't go as smoothly. Looks like someone has come to the rescue. I has absolutely no idea who though. Oh let it be Grimmjow! LOL

I like this chapter. It started out boring but Hichigo makes up for that ^_^

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I was hoping he'd kill Keigo first.

Keigo was still on his feet when Tatsuki wasn't. Did he has more spiritual power compared to Tatsuki? LOL

"I didn't know Mizuro was a loner. Did any of you guys?"


Read that.

Yeah, I've read that. I guess he was unloved by his own mom hence why he chase the love of a much older woman. Mother complex.

Keigo is surprisingly very sensitive. I like that we get to see the other side of him

That bit about Mizuro was a bit surprising, although I wonder if it matters in the grand scheme of things.

Lol Ichigo needs to get some matching wardrobe in order to fight Hichigo.

I wonder who will appear too.
This chapter actually ended on a bright note in that for the first time in a while, there was a cliffhanger was actually hard to predict.

Maybe Hichigo and Zangetsu will fuse and fight Ichigo toegether? Can you see such a totally fangirl-catching plotkai happen?
Meh, watch it be Mizuiro himself come to save Tatsuki...of all the people to get super-powers...

@kluxorious like the first person his reatsu(SP) might be so low that he can't feel it at all and if he takes another step he could die kinda thing. duh

The Mizuro thingy is just something to fill in the gaps imo and isn't it the other way around for the outfit, TJ?

It has been a while, hasn't it Yi? Even my friends who have turn their back on Bleach admitted that they are actually looking forward to the next chapter.

A fusion of Hichigo and Zangetsu will just be too fucked up for my brain to handle, Chester.

@Mitch... probably but I believe that Keigo will surprise us all soon.

oh come on this series has no dark side. can't we see just one person die helplessly? don't you think that something like that should happen. after all ichigo goes and saves everyone and what not right? so, what if we tried really really hard got the final tencho, just to see all of his friends dead. maybe then he could actually defeat aizen. the power difference is too great for him just to walk in there and kill him. ichigo also seems to do better the more emotional he is. my guess is that people will die, before ichigo can save them. it would be better if ichigo actually sees them die, like orihime saw him "die". my point is we need more shi in shinigami.

err... Ulquiorra died, didn't he? Thanks for reminding me of that. Jerk! :P

But yeah I agree someone needs to die but not Hichigo. I was hoping the old fuck is dead so finger-crossed!

Holy cow, if it was Grimmjow I would actually squeal like a fangirl.

You're amazing for coming up with that significance behind Ichigo's regressed town. I thought it was just Ichigo having been a pussy, and I always doubt any ulterior deep meaning in Kubo's stuff. Still, I'm excited about the next chapter(s). Dei ex machinis (I think that's the plural form of the plot device >.>) should be rage-inducing by now, but Kubo's awesome at what he does, I suppose.

For some reason when I read your comment Ningyo I couldn't stop giggling =3

Because my hopes were horribly betrayed and it really turned out to be that Don-whatever fsker? Well, my Bleach-shields are always up, so I wasn't too disheartened.

heh, I could used some of that Bleach-shields of yours =3

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