27 February 2007

Rocky Balboa

The only reason I went to watch this film is Milo. What can I say, I have a soft spot for him since I saw him in Gilmore Girls.

The only Rocky movie I've seen so far was the first one. The other four were just too stereotype for me. The underdog got in the ring, the underdog wins the match. The same old story gets repeated over and over again so I can't be blame for refusing to be jaded.

In Rocky Balboa, Stallone again played the Rocky character (duh!) and he kept on reminiscing about the past: his wife Adrian, the victory, the defeat, his family etc which gives you the idea what was going on even if you do not follow the Rocky saga.

Unlike other Rocky, this time no one wins the 'exhibition'. Kira equal la. His opponent gain respects and he proves that he is still one of the best in heavyweight boxing.

The start of the movie shows the effort that Rocky puts to be close to his son Robert (Milo) and after some inspiring speeches halfway through the movie, Robert quit his job (which he got because of his father's legacy) and support his father's decision to box again. The usual mushy-touchy stuffs.

I cannot say that I love this movie but it is a can do la for me.

Critics have been singing praises for this movie though and if I am a fan of Rocky/Stallone, I might too.


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