14 February 2010

Gateway Anime

I'm too lazy to think of another title. This post was inspired by Canne's entry. There is also a quote about "old fag" in Ryan A's entry of similar subject that pique my interest.

Warning: This post can either turn up similar to the one before it or totally unrelated to the title.

I agree with Canne. A person's gateway anime has much to do with his/her preference in anime. Take me for example. I watched Dragon Ball with my dad since I was little and it totally pulled me in on the shounen type of anime. I did watch Doraemon during the same period of time but it did not has it impact on me like Dragon Ball did. I stopped watching anime for a bit when I was in highschool. Perhaps it was the lack of sources since back then internet was rare. The best connection was the dial-up which was shitty as hell and I don't have the moolah to buy the CD (DVD? What the heck is that? LOL).

Then came Bleach. The anime is like the second gateway anime for me and it has much more impact on me than the Dragon Ball. Suddenly I was interested in anime again, and since the technology has advanced so much, I managed to watch other types of anime and learned that there are a whole lot of varieties out there to cater to the fans but the one I enjoyed the most and often fangasm about are usually the one that has action, carnage and bloodfest in it. It was the result of my gateway anime influencing my taste in not only in anime, but manga as well.

example of bloodfest: Fate/Stay Night

Whether or not it is a good thing, is up to individual. For me, because of the shounen influence, I often find myself not able to enjoy lesser anime (read: moe-shit). But that could also be due to the "old fag" term.

Once again I agree with what had been said. The anime fans of the younger generations are subjected to ecchi and moe as their gateway anime thus influencing them. Just take a look at the anime of every recent seasons. It was 80% full of those shit. Some might be decently good because of the hilarity factor but most of the time, the "old fag" suffered brain damage from such anime. I feel sorry for those who watch Chu-Bra as their gateway anime and unknowingly subjected themselves to torture. If you know someone like that, help them, please?

example of hilarity show: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

So basically the purpose of this post is to highlight my preference in anime/manga. Did it deviate from the title? =D


Chu Bra as a gateway (facepalmheaddeskshakeshead).

Me....I was one who found Dragonball Z (like most Americans), and then from there found InuYasha and from there found (Some of Gundam Wing & some of Sailor Moon [cuz it was on before Dragonball Z...oh, and Pokemon...Pokemon came earlier though....before InuYasha) Bleach and FMA and from there accelerated to other shows and genres and even tried a manga, and currently I am reading about 30 separate manga and currently am maybe even more obsessed with anime/manga then ever, and that's something saying, and this is a long run-on sentence.

If you can make sense of the timeline I just gave you then you might have a future at being a detective or something.

Bleach is really awesome and it's also one of my gateway anime (according to the multiple gateway anime model Canne suggests).
I remember a time when I would blow through 10 episodes a day of Bleach.

LOL, the thought of someone having Chu-bra as his/her gateway anime is just too terrifying to bear.
Yeah, I kind of see a lot of Shonen influence on you and I'm not surprised to learn that Bleach was your second gateway anime. I started followong Bleach via manga at first then the anime. But for some reason that didn't last very long, ummm.

Right now, I'm looking at it as an introductory japanimation series in one's childhood, and then a 'mature gateway series' in one's adolescence. It's the latter that really stimulates one's interests and causes one to seek a continued anime experience.

My 'mature gateway' was Chobits, which when I think about it, is just about like having Chu-bra as a gateway series. And that birthed the criticism machine that is Ningyo today. Oh well.

And that F/S N moment is one of the weirdest for me, because never would I have though I'd be so troubled by Shiro stabbing himself. Sometimes you wonder how a guy like him became so awesome. Whoops, might wanna put a huge spoiler tag on all of that.

@Glo, Not just American. Looks like the rest of the world most likely learned about anime from DBZ. So let see if I get this right. You watched Gundam and Sailor Moon the same time you watched DBZ, and then you got addicted to Inuyasha and proceed with Bleach and FMA? and it has been a while since you came up with awesome nicknames. Run out of ideas? XD

@Yi, You have stopped watching the anime though, right?

@Canne, So you are not wacthing/read bleach anymore? O_o

@Ningyo, I can't stand Chobits or Sailor Moon. Again, we get back to what influenced our taste in anime.

@kluxorious: Yea, I stopped watching Bleach anime midway through the Bount arc. It felt too filler-ish.

@ kluxorious - I stopped watching anime completely but I still read the manga when I'm free, which means I'm light years behind the latest episode x_x

@Yi and Canne, you didn't miss much not watching the anime anyway since we already know what happened thanks to the manga. I watch them because I'm a bleachtard ^^

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