19 August 2010

Bleach: Chapter 416

Bleach year? -__-

But how am I to completely hate Kubo when he made a color spread like this?

Oh right, he makes the world hates him because of his plot. Does he even make an effort after the SS arc? I doubt it >_>

Anyway, unsurprisingly Matsumoto ain't dead. She has escaped death twice now. Lucky bitch. Obviously she's worried about Gin who now no longer have hands since Aizen cut them off for stealing. The hogyouku returned so willingly to Aizen despite the effort Gin took. What a fucking weaksauce plot eh?

Apparently, before Uruhara even created Hogyouku, Aizen has known about it. He tried to materialize it but he is not as genius or crazy as Uruhara so the experiment phailed. Even after he got the Hogyouku, he still needs to feed them countless souls of shinigami and human with shinigami powers. One shit led to the other now the Hogyouku is complete.

Keep you enemy closer. That's why Aizen allowed Gin to be his follower all these years. It keeps him alert at all time. *sigh* What was wrong with Gin anyway? He could have kill Aizen when he gained all these crazy power-up shit and be done with it. He could be the hero! But alas...

Aizen fucking stabbed Gin. I cried. That mothafucka. I totally loath him now. A fucking butterfly. Gah RAGE!!! But is this the end of Gin? I doubt it. I figure Matsumoto will get to him and used a healing kido to save him. Sure he would live without his right hand but that's better than dying at a hand of a mothafucking butterfly.

But who am I kidding?!

Of course Gin is dead. Kubo just decided that he wanted to kill a good guy and who did he start it off with?! Yes Gin! Argh Kubo, I don't need another reason to fucking hate you! *cries*

All hope is not lost though as Ichigo arrived, carrying his dad on his shoulder. Looks like he got a new outfit. I know we are going to see some flashback of what happened to him in his inner world. Right now I'm just glad that he's here. I can't wait for Ichigo to fucking rip Aizen's wings off. Revenge!!!

Thank goodness that Ichigo's friends are around so if Gin live after all these tribulation, he has witnesses that can guaranteed he's not really the bad guy.

*chants* Gin is not dead, Gin is not dead, GIN IS NOT DEAD!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


I keep telling you, Gin and Aizen are still friends. Aizen is simply letting Gin take a nap as a reward for all the hard work he's been doing lately.

I dunno whether to stab you or hug you. I know I can't be mad at you.

I am warning my friends. Whoever said he's dead, they are going to have a giant dildo up their ass and out of their fucking mouth.

The color spread was put there to make up for the plot. It kind of worked.

I'm pretty sure Gin is not dead. Kubo doesn't really kill any good guys... I think.

I really just want Kubo to wrap this thing up soon.

*sigh* I hate to admit it TJ but every time I look at a color spread, I fangasm.

I deny the fact that Gin is dead. Gin is not dead. The same as Ulquiorra and Grimmjow who are pretty much alive, somewhere... waiting to be inserted into the plot again.

I reckon we have at least another three months before this shit wraps up, if it ever.

The evolution of the Strawberry.
And now the final stage has him with chains up his arm like some kind of fetish model wut? >_<
I bet he still doesn't have any fantastic powers...just faster and maybe some hax regeneration-negating powers or something like that...

Gin's dead! *waits for the second impact on my ass*


I kid. Gin might live through it. Afterall, he didn't blow up like tousen did.

His name is Ichigo, Chester. He was supposed to learn the final!Getsuga Tenshou so I expect just another crazy power-up for him. He must have the most boring bankai in all Soul Society >_>

*almost impale Jubbz with my giant dildo*

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