27 September 2009

Letter Bee: Light and Blue Night Fantasy

Letter Bee is one of the Autumn anime of 2009 that I look forward to. Knowing that the anime is an adaptation of the manga makes me want to watch it even more. I want to pick up the manga but since idle time is a luxury nowadays, it was a given that I couldn't afford to read another new manga. I just have to settle with just the anime for now.

This review however is for the special episode before the full season is released.

As the tittle suggested, Letter Bee is about delivering letter/mail/package. Letter Bee is equivalent to your modern day postmen. Bee is the company where Lag, the protagonist works at.

Meet the protagonist

The girl behind him is Niche. I don't know what the fuck is that furry animal on top of her head is but its name is Steak. Anyway, many refers her as Lag's guardian Dingo, whatever that is.

Meet Darwin. Stinky and VERY old.

Ralgo Llyod, the Chief of Bee. Possible pedophile.

the only hottie so far. Possibly horny for Ralgo

Gatekeeper Signal. He makes me fangasm.

Light and Blue Night Fantasy tells the tale of Lag delivering an important package to Elena, a former Letter Bee. They are to make a journey to Silencio. He is to bring a veteran as a guide for this delivery. That's where Darwin steps in. Lag doesn't know this but Darwin was once Elena's Dingo and the real package for Elena is Darwin himself. Ralgo keeps this a secret from Lag for he knows if Darwin finds out he'll abandon the trip.

Letter Bee is a hazardous occupation. You might get attacked by Gaichuu during delivery hence why Lag carries a gun. The gun is called Shindan and is used to fire Heart when Gaichuu attacked. Shindan's ammunition is something that is called Spirit Amber. Lag's spirit amber is his red stone eye.

What is a Gaichuu you asked? They are bugs but with size of a monsters ^^"

Btw, Dingo is just a name given to the guardian. They pretty much protects the Bee from any harm. Niche for example, can hardens her hair and used it as a weapon against Gaichuu. Steak is usable too for he found their opponent weak spot. So guardian Dingo are not really human. They come in many forms, shapes and sizes. The relationship between a Dingo and a Letter Bee runs deep. It is as if they are partner for life.

Gauche. A Letter Bee too. I is definitely hot for him. He is pretty much the reason why Lag wants to be a Letter Bee. He is just made of pure win and awesomesauce

Ralgo when he was a youngin' *drools*

As you can see, I have no complains when it comes to the characters. The voice of each character suits them perfectly, so are the character designs. I personally thinks that Lag's voice is super cute and makes him appears more adorable and wot not.

No complains on the animation either. It is very pretty and smooth. I can feel that the production house puts a lot of effort with this episode. I appreciate that and hope the quality will stay consistent through out the season.

If there's one thing I do not like about Letter Bee, it is the way the Gaichuu met their death. It just wasn't dramatic enough imo. Other than that, I'm sure the full season of Letter Bee is going to be an enjoyable ride.

Art 9/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 9/10
Characters 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 9/10


Holy shit, Steak has the grestest animal mustache in the history of everything.

Thanks for the Review!!!! I had downloaded the OVA and didn't get the chance to review it yet. Now I'm looking forward.

You Rock!

CAG =)

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