01 September 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 4, August 2013

Sunday, August 25

They introduced the family members in episode 2 of Uchoten Kazoku. There's a frog, an over anxious brother, that timid young brother, the prince of a mom who scared of lightning and of course, our protagonist. It was revealed that their dad was killed (by Benten) and enjoyed in a hot pot. Did the Japanese has somewhat a tradition of eating a racoon or something? They have these two twins who wanna take over their legacy. All the family members of the twins are asshole except for the daughter. Makes me curious to see and get to know the daughter...

Free episode 6: I don't appreciate all the unneeded dorama that's going on in this episode. First Makoto failed to save Rei. Then Haru and Nagisa helped them both. They were stranded on a deserted island. They stayed up all night telling sop stories etc and then went back to their camp in the morning. All is well because Makoto just want to swim with the rest of them. Urgh.

Monday, August 26

The day of the tournament in episode 7 of Free. Well, Rin won against Haru which mean Rin won't be swimming with Haru anymore. Never, he said. This somewhat really bothers Haru. I guess all he ever wanted is to swim with Rin again and have fun like they used to. Awwww....

Rin is still my favorite character ^_^

Wednesday, August 28

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 17: Well, it's intense as fuck. They went out to scout and everything was going well until a female kyojin appeared and brought the whole other stupid kyojin with her which annihilated most of the scouts. This female kyojin is intelligent though and just like Armin said, might be driven by a human. She's searching for someone. She could have killed Armin (twice) but didn't. I wonder who she's looking for. At the moment, the only logical person anyone is interested in is obviously Eren. It's depressing watching the humans getting devour by the Kyojin. It pissed me off too. Luckily Jean and Reiner survived with Armin as they tried to lure the female kyojin away so that Eren's scouting group has time to retreat.

Episode 5 of Genshiken Nidaime: Angie, Ohno's friend from USA (was it?) is hitting on Madarame. Hato doesn't like this. I'm not sure because he has feelings for Madarame or because he knows that Madarame likes Kusakabe. Hato also met Kousaka and admitted that Madarame has no chance of winning against him. I agree. Anyway, he interfered with the flirting and ended up revealing his BL thoughts about Madarame being the uke in any given pairing. Angie was still determine but as usual Sue saved the day. With a swift kick in the butt, she sent Angie home. Sue is awesome ^__^

so shocked he is with that piece of news


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