08 September 2013

Diary of a tard: Week 1, September 2013

Friday, September 6

Haru was in shocked after he lost to Rin in episode 8 of Free. He keeps wondering why the hell is he feeling so crappy if he didn't care about winning etc. Hmm, another dorama. Anyway, none of them can go into the final but Gou secretly registered them for the relay the next day. They were worried that Haru doesn't wanna enter the relay but since he's all fired up now, it's not a problem. Obviously this doesn't sits well with Rin since he thought he won't be swimming with Haru ever again.

Free episode 9: Haru finally found a reason for swimming. It's no longer just because he wanted to. It's because he wants to swim with his friends. It was such a pussy revelation, I am hardly impressed. On the other hand, my heart reaches out for Rin. When he reminiscing about their relay as friends/kids, I feel so bad for him. In the end, he decided to join his swimming team relay as well and Haru quickly learned about the news. More dorama in future episodes for sure.

I'd wife him so hard

Saturday, September 7

Episode 5 of Blood Lad: The problem with this show is, it evolves around Fuyumi and I just want that bitch to die. Obviously I can't enjoy watching Blood Lad as long as she's around. Anyway, Staz met his brother, Vlad d. Braz, and got his power back. Back in the demon world, Wolf boy had to fight Akim, the artificial monster Franken created in order to save Fuyumi. It was all meh. Having said that, I see incest potential between Staz and Vlad and I like it!

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The Crowds saved the tragedy from happening in episode 4 of Gatchaman Crowds. Jui quickly confronted the Alien (his gatchaman is awesome btw) but couldn't take him on his own. He did learned that the Alien has a notebook too which mean he is somewhat a Gatchaman of some sort. Upon hearing this, D-chan and Pai were both looking damn serious and shit. Apparently, they know the Alien who has been destroying planets after planets. It is also revealed that Rui got his power from the Alien and with a little push, he's ready to make the world accelerate. Whatever that means.


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