14 December 2011

Working'!!: Episode 11

It looks like this episode will be about many random things that happened at Wagnaria:

1. Yamada lost her Daisy, the stuffed bear that Souma bought for her the other day. Takanashi offered to cover her shift while she looked for it. In return, he wanted to hold Daisy once she found it heh. Inami and Poplar helped her out but in the end, it was Satou who put it back into the attic.

2. The reason why Yachiyo isn't making any friends is because she was always surrounded by Mashiba #2 and Kyoko. That makes her self insufficient as well. Satou confronted Mashiba #2 about it but she didn't take it very well which consequently made Satou confessed the truth about his feelings for Yachiyo. Did you know that Satou has been in unrequited love with Yachiyo for four freaking years. lol I know how you feel, Satou-san. You have my sympathy.

Anyway, little did they know that Yachiyo heard bits and pieces of their conversation and misunderstood it. (un)surprisingly, she was affected by it. Everyone noticed it and Satou deducted that she either overheard them or Mashiba #2 ratted out. He finally decided that enough is enough. He gonna end it and if he failed, he will quit his job.


Oh shit, I think Satou will end up leaving Wagnaria if this continues. Liking/loving someone for four years and then suddenly decided that you want to stop... that's impossible, especially when that someone is so near. Oh man... I really do hope that Yachiyo finally realized her feelings soon, because from her reaction, she obviously likes Satou too. If only Satou confessed to her instead of going around the bushes all the time. Jeebus, why the hell I am the one being nervous?

I'm sorry Satou. I love you but...

3. Nazuna decided to help out a little when she saw her brother having a rough time. She learned self-defense from Kozue, how to be an adult from Izumi and Kazue. None of it actually be any use to help out Takanashi.

Takanashi will disagree with you

4. Souma will never gets tired teasing Satou about it right? Right. Don't you ever change :3


Another wonderful episode...I also liked the title for next week's show: "Daisy Dies."

Can't wait. -_-'

With 2 more episodes left, I wasn't actually thrill to have a show with title such as that. I want them to address Inami/Takanashi and Yachiyo/Satou issues accordingly but then again, they might be saving it for third season? I really do hope so :D

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