13 January 2011

Bleach: Chapter 433

After two weeks of nothing, naturally I'm looking forward for the first ever chapter of Bleach in 2011. By the way, there are rumors going around that Bleach will end in Spring. I'm not so sure about that because from what I have read in the past, this current arc is about 6 months and then there will be a new arc that will last for about 2 years. I sure hope that it will not end this soon. I can't imagine my life without Bleach chapter to look forward to every week.

Anyway, back to the chapter. Looks like Chad has opted for a goatee. He sure looks old now. But that besides the point. The point is Ginjou further explained to Ichigo of what his plan is. He explained why hollows have holes to replaced their missing hearts and that all the Xcutioners members have something in common which is the lost of their moms because of hollows even before they were born. In other words, Ichigo isn't the only one who was born from a human and a shinigami.

And damn, I was totally screwed up with my theory.

I mean, I seriously thought they want more powers but instead they want to give Ichigo all of their powers. Awww, this makes them a good guy then and whadda ya know, surprisingly they know of Ichigo's family history as well. At least Ginjou knows that Ichigo has a normal parent and a shinigami.

Err... wait a sec. I thought Masaki was special. Didn't Aizen said so himself? She can't possibly be just another "normal" human being. Or was she? Damn with this inconsistency.

But this is a fun fact. This makes all the different, actually. Now Ichigo and Rukia can makes babies and not worry about it. A relationship is possible despite one is dead and the other isn't. Heh, awesome as fuck.

Conclusions for this chapter are:

  1. Ichigo will help the Xcutioners
  2. Ichigo is a bishie

Like Chester said, that's practically me.

I like Riruka now :3 and despite the fact that she likes Ichigo, I don't feel threaten at all. I know she doesn't hold a candle to Rukia.

And those who do not acknowledge that Ichigo is a bishie need to have their eyes and brain checked because he clearly is one. And if you are a male who do not acknowledge this fact, your opinion is rejected!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.


oh yeah!!! I agree with you on that!!! Ichi IS a bishie!!!

so these guys are the good guys after all... heh... good to know... :))))

Riruka's reaction was the highlight of the chapter.

The jury is still out on Ginjou and pals. Seems like too good of a deal to be true for Ichigo.

Lol with this chapter, Riruka just made herself into a proper character with an actual personality and opinion. Seriously, before this chapter I had her stamped as a Hiyori clone (same face, same attitude, same size, same bitch).

As for my thoughts on the Fullbringer, like TJ the jury is still out for me. I'm very wary of the fact that Kubo can yet pull another Aizen on us since there seems to be no apparent villain for them to encounter yet (unless they're going against the shinigami again).

Thanks TJ for making me realized that everything is not set in stone just yet. But I do believe that they are the good guys, just like Gin is :3

The villain, I think, is the one who did the shit with Ishida. If it was later revealed that one of them was the one responsible for Ishida's injury, then Kubo needs to be more consistent with his drawings.

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